I am Quentin André, an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands.

My research focuses on judgment and decision making in general, with a special interest for consumer financial decision making and numerical cognition:

  • How do people perceive their financial resources, and what is driving those perceptions?
  • How do those perceptions shape the way people budget and use these resources?
  • What are the implications of those perceptions for consumers' financial position and overall well-being?

I am also a programmer and an open-source advocate. I have developed new tools to collect and analyze data, and have shared them with the academic community:

  • distBuilder, a Javascript library to add distribution builders to online and offline experiments.
  • PyProcessMacro, a Python implementation of Andrew F. Hayes' Process Macro for the estimation of conditional processes.
  • wordSearchJS, a Javascript library to add word search tasks to online and offline experiments.
  • pysprite, a Python implementation of the SPRITE procedure for error detection and data forensics.