As an open-source advocate, I have developed the following tools to help myself and other behavioral researchers collect and analyze data. You will find on these pages the documentation for those tools, code examples and tutorials.

Those tools, and others, are published on my GitHub profile.

  1. pyprocessmacro

    This Python library facilitates the estimation of moderation, mediation, and conditional processes. It replicates the features and syntax of Andrew F. Hayes' Process Macro, ensuring a seamless transition from one library to the other.

  2. distBuilder

    distBuilder allows you to add graphical interfaces to your experiments, that participants can use to "draw" their mental representation of a numerical or probabilistic outcome.

  3. wordSearchJS

    wordSearchJS allows you to add word search tasks to your experiments. It integrates nicely with Qualtrics and other survey engines.

  4. pysprite

    pysprite is a Python 3 implementation of the SPRITE procedure. The original code on which this library is based, were developed by James Heathers, Jordan Anaya, Tim van der Zee and Nicholas JL Brown.